Curious about who we are? Our story begins with us but ultimately serves you, the customer. We are an independent clothing label started in 2018. We wanted to create a fully online clothing company, which delivers premium quality products at an affordable price. Keeping that in mind, we made these the foundation for

  1. CUSTOMER SERVICE: We are a customer-obsessed company, not competition focussed. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service. Reach us at any time, and we'll have information about your order ready for you. Always happy to help 
  2. QUALITY: We have experienced disappointment before: ordering clothes online, excited about having something unique and impressive, and being frustrated with the low-quality item we received. We knew that with, we wanted high-quality results, accurate and attractive apparel regardless of order size or time constraints. And we did, so much so that we guarantee great clothing at the most affordable prices.
  3. SHIPPING AND DELIVERY TIMES: Waiting is the worst. We knew that our shopping experience would include fast shipping. And we're crazy about delivery times, so you never find yourself waiting for your order to arrive minutes before your special event. And did we mention we offer FREE shipping with every regular purchase?
  4. PRICING: Finally, we wanted to get fabulous clothing at reasonable prices without compromising quality. So we changed the way it's done. Our investment in quality equipment and reliable new technology allows us to offer great pricing to every thatchimp customer.

At, we're here to prove that superior customer service, quality clothing, and speedy delivery within your budget.

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