3 Secrets to Find a Great T-Shirt

by Nisha Joshi on October 13, 2019

T-Shirt is the default item of apparel for most guys. We buy them and don’t think about replacing them until they start falling apart. You should be paying careful attention to your t-shirt, it is just as important as any other part of your wardrobe.
Here are three secrets to find a great t-shirt: Fit, Color and Fabric


1. Fitting is the most important
Your t-shirt should fit just right, not too loose or not too tight. We going to talk about basic rules to get the fit right:
Neck: Crew necks are the best, just make sure they are not too tight or loose. You should be able to move your neck freely and there shouldn't be big gap when you raising hands. Try to avoid v-necks, even if you're buying then avoid deep necks.
Sleeves: Ideally they should come around mid-bicep. Make sure no too tight strangling biceps.
Stomach: T-Shirt body should follow your body shape.
Length: Make sure its not too long, ideally it should be between upper to mid crotch.


2. Always choose right color
Don't limit yourself on colors for t-shirts. In my opinion it's up to you what color you want to wear. Common colors which look always good are: White, Black, Grey and Navy Blue


3. Get the right fabric
There are a few things you would want to consider before choosing the fabric for your t-shirts. Think about the material and how it feels. Most common fabrics are:
Cotton: Made from cotton plant is the most common fabric. It feels soft, lightweight and can be used in everyday.
Polyester: Manufactured fabric dries quickly and wrinkle resistant. Mostly used for sports and outdoor activities.
Polly Cotton: It's a mix of cotton and polyester. It can be used in everyday.
So now you should be able to pick the right T-Shirt. Ready to build that collection right now? If so, we’re ready for you.

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Article was nice but I would expect elaborated one. Thanks anyway :)


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